Stabilizer Bar

Also called an "Anti-Roll Bar" "Anti-Sway Bar" or "Sway Bar".

A Stabilizer Bar is a bar linking the two front suspension systems in order to help them resist sway.

A suspension element (used at the front, rear or both ends of a vehicle) that reduces body roll by resisting any unequal vertical motion between the pair of wheels to which it is connected. A stabilizer bar does not affect suspension stiffness when both wheels are deflected equally in the same direction.

Production Capacity500,000 Stabilizer Bars
Diameter16mm - 65mm
Arm Span1200mm maximum
Arm Height 550mm maximum
MethodHot Bending Technology
Threaded end, Crimped-Eye end, Forged end
Packaging & AssemblyComplete Assembly with child parts & customized packaging available